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​                                           The Diesel Workers Union Death Benefit Fund Plan

The Diesel Workers Union Death Benefit Fund was established on June 18’th,1951.

It is the purpose of the Death Benefit fund plan to accumulate a fund, to be maintained by voluntary gifts of contributing members, solely for rendering financial aid and assistance to such contributing members, or certain designated recipients of the latter, in the emergencies arising from death.

Any D.W.U. Union member now or hereinafter desiring to become a member of the Death Benefit Fund Plan must contribute one dollar at the time of his or her application, which shall be turned into the benefit fund. 

In the event of Death of a member of benefit plan members donate one dollar to beneficiary on file with the Diesel workers Union. The donation shall be taken through payroll deductions. The donations are normally taken out quarterly throughout the year.

There are currently approximately 1700 active D.W.U. members and 4000 retirees. 

There are currently 175 D.W.U. members in the Death Benefit Plan.

Application forms are available at the D.W.U. office.

For more information on the Death Benefit Fund Plan contact The Diesel Workers Union.

Revised 7/14/2022